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Choked Up

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May 401

The words are ringing in my ears today

Blinding my eyes with tears

Taking me down to that place

Where the back of my throat is all I can feel

Razor-sharp annunciation

Cryptic though in clarification

Boxing my brain again

Revealing my pain again

Time has no bearing on this burden

Riddles, reasons overlap seasons

Oblivious to wasted time

Moments lost, never to find

Hope dangles on a thread

Frayed and frazzled in my head

Precious moments terminate

As stubborn hearts still beat

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  1. whew…felt piece…the emotion comes through strong…terminate is like and exclamation point…ouch….

  2. I definitely know what you mean about those lost moments. Once they pass they are forever gone.

  3. I think you just articulated a migraine headache. — the language definitely poetic, the pain and the loss of time, of living, of being palpable. Well done!

  4. ugh yes… we know it’s wasted time but we just don’t manage to change something… that first step to forgive is often the hardest…

  5. WOW! This is poignant and powerful and should be read aloud! 🙂

  6. So many times this past year I felt or have seen this felt. You put words to it. Thank you. Powerful.

  7. I can feel the pain, an intense piece.

  8. Powerful – “boxing in my brain again.” That about says it for some times on this journey we call life.


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