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The End

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Every moment we are still together

Mother and daughter, so sacred

I have the unfortunate knowledge

It will not last

Because I have been there

Facing the impossible

Denying the unthinkable

 I have been there

When the bottom falls out

Making you wonder why

You invested your soul, your heart, your mind

If only for a short time

Why do we love so much

Knowing it will cause so much pain?

Why are we given these precious moments

Leaving us vulnerable and needing more?

I have been there

Devastated by the loss

Frozen in my tracks

Wondering where my next breath will come from

Kicking at pieces of my heart

Laying on the floor

Because life was over as I knew it

So today I look at you,  aging with grace

I hang on to your every word,

Every beloved gesture

Until the end.

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  1. @…”So today I look at you, aging with grace

    I hang on to your every word,

    Every beloved gesture..”

    >> I am SO there! This is how I feel about my beloved parents..Such reflections as I read your words; your herstory. Can’t yet bring myself to pen a poem about these feelings..My parents made 51 yrs of marriage this year + I made 50 yrs old = I had surgery for 1st time in my life & convalesced in my parents home admist their love..Its been am amazing year! It is good to see you’re enjoying every moment/gesture of your Mom..That is exactly where I’m at with my parents..And we also DO and GO so many places together! I haven’t/won’t grieve for them while they’re so very active and alive..I refuse. Just saying the words, ‘Mum,….’ or ‘Daddy,…” is a blessing because they answer back. To be savored..Blessings to you and your Mom. Hugs!

  2. All I can say is WOW!! This really hits home for me.

  3. The Earth Mama

    So true. Thank you for sharing this. We all have or will go through this experience.


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