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Tree Killers

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DSCF4750DSCF4746DSCF4738DSCF4749How dare they

You were here first

Planted firmly, deep in soil

Casting shadows in the grass

Making rings for each year passed

A hefty price they paid

To bring you in dead

…..or dead

Roped and tied as if you’d run

You’ve stood your ground, oh rooted one

 Branches reach toward the sun

One last time

As if begging for mercy

Now I watch your severed limbs

 Turn into tiny chips

For pretentious gardens

And meaningless mulch

You may not be missed by those

Who mindlessly maim you

But I will miss you

My friend from over the fence

I will miss your undeniable presence

Your glorious stature

They can only kill you

But I will miss you


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  1. It breaks my heart to see trees come down.

  2. It makes me sick to see anyone recklessly cut a tree down that was perfectly fine right where it was.

  3. Another piece of nature…..lost.

  4. The Earth Mama


  5. Wonderful ode to your dearly departed tree! I feel your pain, my friend! There is so much senseless destruction in the world and all for what? A few more square feet of earth to plough under for farmland or make way for a shopping mall. Without our ancient forests, there would be no family trees, no you or me. Strong piece of writing. Thank you for sharing your story!

  6. I feel the exact same way you do. I am not sure if I made a blog post about it yet, but I am writing a book that has an in depth explanation about my feelings toward this matter. Amazing post. I felt the emotion from it.

  7. heartfelt…i really hope it was for more than mulch…but would another house, another store….really replace the life taken?

  8. Sometimes people just take trees away for no reason at all.. and some our neighbors have tried to convince to take down our trees to… There are cases when you have to… but these chopping down of trees often go way to far….

  9. yes, heartfelt….especially if it’s unecesarry and the tree is healthy..sad ..

  10. …so sad a reality… we, people, take too much but give less to our nature… but nature has its own way of giving justice to the ones who sinned against her… a truly affecting write… smiles…

  11. it’s so sad to see those majestic trees being cut down…ugh…makes my heart bleed a bit…

  12. it is always a shame to lose a healthy tree…your poem gives great expression to the anger and grief we can feel over their loss.

  13. I share your pain and anger,
    We have to have some trees cut next week, because the neighbour complained they were too big, and threatened to take us to court.
    I will have some sad days.

    “meaningless mulch” sums it up.

  14. I watched builders cut down a huge amount of trees just to put up a metal fence. Near broke my heart. Great write!

  15. Blindly – or greedily – we are destroying our own ecosystem – a sad affair.
    Anna o]

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