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Neon sun

Ignite my sky

Radiate my soul

Illuminate my heart

Set my mind ablaze

With brilliant words

To detail your dazzle

And rave of your radiance

For I have none

That give justice to

This smoldering wonder

This fire before me

July 2013 035

July 2013 041

July 2013 052

July 2013 056

July 2013 057

July 2013 058

July 2013 060

July 2013 062

Unedited shots taken near our home in southwestern Ontario.ย 

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  1. I love your line “this smoldering wonder”. Beautiful poem and photos!

  2. Perfect poem and your photos are so beautiful. Great post!

  3. Beautiful Indeed. Now I have to share. Years ago, when I owned 12-1/2 acres near Florida’s everglades. Our prop was made up of palmetto and dade county pine. And every evening, at a certain time, the entire prop would light up with scarlet hues. And it happened every day, at sunset. IT was amazing and the thought of it still amazes me today.

  4. The Earth Mama

    Beautiful words and beautiful pictures

  5. Highly visual, without many words. Very well written.

    It reminds me of Sunshine, by Matisyahu ( Maybe it’s just the shared topic of the Sun, but I think it’s more: it’s what the Sun does and can do to us.


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