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50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years…#15

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#15. “Nature is amazing.”


A field

That’s all it took to enchant me

I have never returned

From the sound of the crickets

Blades  of green tickles

Or the smell of rain on the path

The path I walked

To school, to play, to think

The path I rode

My bike and my Honda 70

Over the bumps

Around that curve

Slowing down for sure

Because nothing’s for sure

Being cautiously crazy

Carelessly  stable


In the 70’s, life was about what we did. We DID things…without gadgets in our hands. We made things. We made things up. We looked for things. We found things. We entertained ourselves and created our own life, without Google and a status shuffle.

Playing outside was the key to our happiness as children.  We felt the wind, touched the grass, skinned our knees and burned our faces in the sun…without sunscreen.

Nature was part of my childhood. It fired up my curiosity and my imagination. Taking a walk in the field near our home gave me ideas. There was a large crater like hole surrounded by tall grass, which became a hideout. There were plants to identify and dissect. There were bugs to put in mason jars and tiny toads to capture in my cupped hands.

I always set them free.

September 2011 796

There were trails in the field and my younger brother took to them fearlessly with various dirt bikes, deliberately catching air over mole hills. I admired him. I admired him so much that I wanted to be the only girl in the neighborhood to ride a mini bike. After all, a girl can only force Barbie to try on so many of those silly plastic shoes.


The trees I climbed, the wild raspberries I picked and ate, everything I saw and touched in that field is still with me today. I was blessed by nature. I need it to nourish my soul, calm my mind and recharge my body.

If you find the time to go for a walk…..stop.



Nature comes to you when you are still.


A & M visit summer 2012 510

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  1. I did just that today! Kinda….sorta. Took a few too hurried test photos of flowers. Great post today, as always.

  2. Smiles. Such lovely sentiments. I loved the 70s too. Go figger! I was very much into adventure and discovery! My favorite movie was Billy. I related to the little girl Carol with the guitar! 🙂 AWWWWW the memories this brought back. Thank you Mish!

  3. I did this in the 1950’s, long before Health & Safety became a nuisance! They will be banning playtime and toys next 🙂

  4. As a child of the 70s, I have to say that this was a wonderful post. You spoke to my inner “70ish-ness”; and you “were strumming my hearts with your fingers”….. Great post. I feel like going outside and seeing if I can still climb a tree….

  5. So true! My childhood was like that. A few years ago i left an urban corridor and moved to a remote area. It felt SO right! 😉 Loved the post.

  6. I love this. I am thankful that my little daughter has a strong connection with nature – having spent almost 4 years on our aunt’s property in the country. Even though we live in a town house now, she continues her connection – and we find a bit of it wherever we are.
    Love –

  7. I like your butterfly shot! Thanks for visiting my site, Rob

  8. I love your blog 🙂 Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  9. Love your post and such great photos too 🙂

    was born in the 70s so more of an 80s child but still we spent plenty of time outside 🙂


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